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Dhomonique and The Right Method’s 14 Day Transformational RESET course will equip you with real knowledge and true insight that can help you RESET your life once and for all. This one-of-a-kind course literally helps you help yourself! In Dhomonique’s signature program, she will help you RESET every area of your life. Get ready to hear the ‘ah ha’ moments, business breakthroughs and the life changing experiences from Dhomonique and some of today’s greatest World Thought Leaders. 3x Emmy Award Winner Dhomonique Murphy and her television crew travelled to every corner of the nation to bring this offering to you.

Learn from Founders, Innovators, and Trailblazers that have been there and done that. Go into their homes with Dhomonique, (into their living rooms!) in a private conversation and hear exactly how they achieved success.

A once in a lifetime opportunity and the FIRST of its kind.

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From a business perspective we’ve got the secret sauce to drive creativity, innovation, productivity and motivation within your company. Endorsed by some of the biggest names and corporations on the planet, The Right Method is here to educate, inspire and support!


To give you the backstory, initially, I created RESET for my corporate clients, to help create paradigm shifts in the minds of their people; aimed at benefiting the company's bottom-line. At $25,000 for groups of 50 employees, these valuable resources were only available to corporations. However, my mission and passion is to empower people to achieve excellence. My goal has always been to help the people who reach out to me everyday— to help them DO and BE better. I decided to make this valuable resource: The RESET Signature Course - available to everyone, at a price point that is accessible to anyone.



A few inspirational words from Dhomonique

Dhomonique Ricks Murphy

Dhomonique Ricks Murphy is the President of The Right Method, LLC and a highly sought after public speaker. Dhomonique, who was also recently crowned Mrs. Virginia American, has appeared on stages across the nation and has spoken to and appeared in front of more than a million people in her career.

The 3x Emmy Award-Winning  television host and journalist has been featured on The Steve Harvey Show, FOX, ABC, NBC, HSN, CBS, Sesame Street in Communities, and countless radio, print, and local television platforms.

Dhomonique Ricks Murphy was personally invited inside the homes of everyone from co-founder of Constant Contact Alec Stern to Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington, to New York Times Best Selling Author Sharon Lechter, to co-founder of Priceline.com Jeff Hoffman, to famed motivational speaker Brain Tracy, among many others, on her journey to interview some of her motivational heroes. Each of them was so impressed by Dhomonique, her interview skills, her in-depth research and her electric personality to motivate masses, that each and every one personally endorsed Dhomonique and The Right Method.

Dhomonique is a leading industry expert and strategist in the field of personal and professional development. She is credited for securing some of the toughest interviews to crack. She is also highly respected for her ability to get anyone to open up about anything. Come inside the living rooms of the most successful powerhouses and learn their secrets of success and how they did it. It’s time to raise the water level in your life and corporation, and Dhomonique is THE person to show you the way. Dhomonique’s Signature RESET system will bring you back better, brighter, and more inspired than ever before.

Dhomonique has a remarkable story of perseverance. When the world shut down due to the global pandemic, Dhomonique stepped up. Everyone told her to throw in the towel, but she looked at the pandemic not as a setback, but as an opportunity. Through her warm delivery, undeniable credibility and impeccable salesmanship, Dhomonique convinced 17 of the most highly sought-after motivation and business leaders in the nation not only to grant her an interview, but to grant her an interview inside their home.