What is The Right Method? Learn How to Achieve Success in Your Life

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What is The Right Method? Learn How to Achieve Success in Your Life

When you ask people what they want the most in life, they will most likely tell you one or both of the following: happiness and success. Of course, we all want to be happy and enjoy life to the fullest during our limited time on earth. However, when it comes to success, definitions vary greatly. To some, success means making millions of dollars, being CEOs of international companies, and living in the most immaculate mansions. To others, success means starting small businesses from lifelong passions that make positive impacts on the community. Career success could be achieved as an actor in Hollywood, a pilot for an airline, a stay-at-home parent, a truck driver, a bakery owner, and anything in between. Personal success might look like traveling the world, creating art, playing sports, starting a family, or anything else that completely lights you up. 

Regardless of what exactly success looks like to you, you most likely do your best each day to achieve it. You probably care about being a good person, loving and helping others, and feeling fulfilled in your career and personal life. You have a deep longing to become the best version of yourself, to reach your full potential, and to go through life with inner peace and joy and without any regrets. The seemingly infinite ways to achieve success can feel overwhelming. You just want to cut through the noise and learn the right method. You want to learn the steps you need to take, the blueprint you need to follow, and the changes you need to make to live your dream lifestyle. What is the real, true, right method to achieving success?

There is No Right Method

The hardest part about personal development is figuring out exactly what you need to do to be successful. With contradictory advice from other successful people and endless resources at our disposal, knowing what to prioritize can be quite overwhelming. Financial gurus will tell you to never accumulate debt, as that could be the greatest inhibitor to your financial success. On the other hand, real estate moguls will teach you that debt is the only way to grow to unimaginable levels of abundance. Because everyone’s definition of success varies greatly, the road to success will, too.

Most people spend their time looking for a formula, a secret method, or a fool-proof system to happiness and success. They’re willing to invest lots of time, energy, and money to learn the right method. But the right method is a paradox; you have to find what’s right for you. Hold your vision of success close and go after it each day. When you do what feels right for you, you will always succeed.

Maybe you’ve listened to mentors who told you that you needed to wake up at 5AM and follow a strict morning routine to be successful. You gave it a try, but felt more tired and lacked energy throughout your days. You may have given fad diets a go due to raving reviews, only to be disappointed in how you looked and felt afterwards. Perhaps you have invested in countless personal development books, courses, coaches, seminars, or retreats that promised to transform your life. You had high hopes and put your full trust in these methods, only to be left feeling more overwhelmed with information, and no closer to your goals. If you haven’t yet found the right method, don’t give up.

Your Method is the Right Method

The problem with following a one-size-fits-all method is that what works for one person might not work for another. One person might feel completely fulfilled in a job, while another person may have no passion for it at all. Starting a business might be one person’s dream, and another person’s nightmare. Maybe one person thrives on a 100% plant-based diet, while another is at their optimal health with the 80/20 approach. If there was truly a right method, we would all be headed down the exact same path. Without the variety of methods, talents, and versions of success, we would miss out on the diversity that makes life so rich.

Even if 97% of the same methods work for two people, that 3% difference is extremely important. Make it your mission to find what 100% works for you. First, get clear on your personal core values. Then, strive to keep the motivation to live your values alive every day. Here at The Right Method, we are committed to helping you find what’s right for you, once and for all. We’re here to show you how to do better, be better, and live a better life. You can reach your version of success, no matter what that looks like to you. You just have to find the right method; your right method.

Maybe you feel drawn to slow mornings of reading and meditation, time-blocked workdays, and evenings spent dining and dancing on the beach. Your right method might look like yoga at the crack of dawn with a homemade green juice, spending your days with loved ones, and taking advantage of your night owl nature to bring your creative projects to life. Maybe you love going to your full-time job, socializing with your coworkers, and coming home to your family in the evenings. Or, maybe you don’t understand how any of those methods could light people up, and your version of success and happiness looks completely different. When you gain clarity on what you’re working toward and what keeps you motivated, your success is truly inevitable.

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